Welcome to ClinCheckHelp.Net - Dr. Perry Jones

Welcome to ClinCheckHelp.net - Invisalign Consulting Services by Perry Jones, DDS

Dr. Jones using the state of the art iTero Digital Scanner

I would like to introduce you to www.ClinCheckHelp.net. ClinCheckHelp.net is a consultation service to help Invisalign providers determine what product type might suit a particular case and give an overview of what movements may be difficult with Invisalign as well as what movements are strengths of the Invisalign movement system. This feature of the consultation service is called PSA or Pre-Submission Advise. The fee for this service is $50.00. The only “records” requirement is a standard tooth movement (orthodontic) photo template. A standard photographic template is available at no cost on the Invisalign website doctor page under the “support” tab.

There are two other services. The Comprehensive Service (CS) offers a complete submission of the Invisalign required records as well as a completed prescription form. Once the ClinCheck is posted, the ClinCheck Help service will review the ClinCheck and offer ClinCheck “changes” to help create an optimized treatment plan for the case. The provider is encouraged to ask questions and interact to help become more adept at using the ClinCheck software. The fee for the Comprehensive service is $250.

The most popular service is the ClinCheck Review (CR) which offers the Invisalign provider a review of the posted ClinCheck following a standard submission by the provider. The consultation will review the ClinCheck treatment plan and offer ClinCheck treatment plan “changes” to help optimize the movements, evaluate attachments, IPR and help optimize the esthetic setup. The fee for this service is $200.

It is hoped that the ClinCheckHelp.net service will give Invisalign providers a better insight into the Invisalign process, especially the ClinCheck software as it may help develop a virtual optimized tooth movement treatment plan for each case. Dr Jones hopes that he can use his education background, education experience and Invisalign expertise to help Invisalign providers learn beyond the basic Invisalign training.

Consultation Services:


After you click on the button below, you will be directed to a form fill-out. Please fill out the form FIRST! Once you submit the form, the page will reload for you to choose from the applicable fee options. All transactions will go through PAYPAL. Your order IS NOT complete until you complete the selection(s) and checkout process through PAYPAL. Dr. Jones will take a look at your case file. Your consultation will start AFTER Paypal payment is received. As a note to submitting Drs, please be sure your patient has signed a HIPAA compliance form BEFORE submitting any information to the consultant.


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  • The website provides assistance from our independent consultant, Dr. Perry Jones.
  • The consultation services includes the very same PSA and CS that were available from the former ICS.
  • The objective of the Pre-submission advice is to offer Drs. a simple case review to help determine an approximate length of treatment time, Align product type and outline of possible challenges for the case using the Invisalign.
  • The objective of the Comprehensive service is to help Drs. with ClinCheck review and suggested modifications. The CS may also include help with the electronic submission of the appropiate Invisalign Treatment form.
  • The website provides for a Dr. to access a completely separate consultant, Dr. Jones.
  • Payment is via a secure service, PayPal.
  • Our website also provides for direct payment in addition to PayPal.
  • Fees are listed on the website and are less than the former ICS.
  • Drs. are required to "click" on and agree to a consultant disclaimer before consultation services are rendered.
  • Drs. will be asked to provide UN and PW assigned by Align to access patient information.

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